IIRFT offers a holistic education in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical sessions from the distinguished lecturers such as Dr. Rita Bakshi for sharing their experience in the ART laboratories. The short-term courses at IIRFT are exciting and I highly recommend these courses to people with an interest in ART and the reproductive sciences.

Dr. Jain Kumar ( Batch : July 2015 )

Advanced course in ICSI has been extremely rewarding. I feel privileged to have been a part of IIRFT. The theoretical and practical environment to learn about ICSI techniques was inspiring; undoubtedly it was a unique experience. The skills learned are hugely beneficial in the long term. I would surely recommend the course to candidates who are enthusiastic to build a prospering career in reproductive medicine or at fertility clinics.

Dr. Dolly Marya ( Batch : July 2015 )

I was really impressed by the course curriculum in IIRFT and the dedication of instructors is much rewarding. The course that I did at this institute is probably the highest level of guidance I’ve ever experienced. The hands-on practical experience about semen analysis was invaluable. The best thing about the course is that the topics are designed by the leading experts in their fields of ART and reproductive sciences.

Dr. Aarifa Nehal ( Batch : April 2015 )

I came over to the International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training with mixed feelings. I was doubtful if I could accomplish my tasks within the specified time. During my training, I was given the opportunity to acquire technical skills needed to perform the different aspects of ART procedures pertaining to setting up an IVF lab to assisted hatching. I explored all these techniques in an independent, efficient and most important in a confident manner.

Dr. Pushpa Chandra ( Batch : January 2015 )

My instructors Dr. Rita Bakshi and other staff were outstanding in everything they taught me were always willing to answer every single question I had. Spending time with them definitely made it easier to clear the concepts about the ART procedures and its techniques. I recommend IIRFT to anyone who wants to add new knowledge, practice and high standard to their career as a biologist, embryologist or an andrologists.

Dr. Reena Sharma ( Batch : January 2015 )

I received hands-on training opportunities on routine semen analysis and Computed Aided Semen Analysis. I found the program to be educational, helpful and beneficial for my future career. I am proud to have had this experience and training in the best IVF training centre in India.

Dr. Kalpana Kataraia ( Batch : January 2015 )

Thank You Dr. Rita Bakshi for the kindness you bestowed on me in every aspect for learning me about the ART skills in a professional and personal manner. I was allocated a good time for real hands-on training. In addition, I attended multiple presentations and video lectures on various topics such as routine semen parameters, overview of ICSI and embryo morphology.

Dr. Bela Gajraj ( Batch : October 2014 )

Being the first national trainee, to acquire the techniques from the real experts in the field of Andrology and assisted reproduction, really adds a lot to my career. I am fortunate enough for being the alumni of International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training. I am grateful to Dr. Rita Bakshi and to each and every staff member of IIRFT for providing me the depth knowledge in a professional way.

Dr. Seema Chudhari ( Batch : July 2014 )

It has been a great pleasure being here at IIRFT for the wonderful training program in Advanced Course in Embryology (IVF/ICSI operations). Having done a course at IIRFT is like mission accomplished, filled with golden memories. My thanks to everyone especially to faculty-Dr. Rita Bakshi, and others without whom this would have been impossible.

Dr. Archana Verma ( Batch : January 2014 )

I really appreciate Institute Director Saarthak Bakshi and faculty IIRFT for launching various ART courses to people who are enthusiastic to make a career in assisted reproduction. I am extremely proud to get trained in this institution headed with a chairperson with such as great vision.

Dr. Nahad Ashfaq ( Batch : January 2014 )