semen analysis , male infertility , ART certificate, Semen Collection and Analysis in IVF

Semen Collection and Analysis in IVF

Semen analysis is a process to find out the precise reason of male infertility it is done by evaluating man’s semen sample in the laboratory.

The frequent studies performed under Sperm analysis are:

Liquefaction: When sperm is ejaculate it is in the form of thick gel. It takes some time to get into a liquid form. Normally semen takes 20 to 60 minutes to become totally liquid. We perform other tests only after the liquefaction of semen.

Semen viscosity: If the semen sample is very viscous, it means there is some problem with prostatic enzymes.

Colour: Normal semen colour is white or whitish grey, but if it is yellow in colour, it is a sign of infection. If the colour of sperm is red, it due to the red blood cells mixed with semen sample.

Volume of semen: An Ideal volume of semen should be 1.5 ml. If it is less than 1.5 ml, it is considered as hypospermia. If it is more than 6 ml it is considered as hyperspermia.

Motility of sperm:

Motility of sperm is distinguished by the following categories:

  • Progressive motility
  • Non progressive motility
  • Immobile

The progressive motility should be more than 32%. And combined motility of progressive and non progressive sperm should be 40%.If the motility of the sperm is less than 32% it is considered as Asthenozoospermia.

Morphology of sperms: Morphology indicates overall structure of intact sperm that should be at least 4% .If the normal morphology of spermatozoa exceeds 4% is considered as a fertile sample.

semen analysis , male infertility , ART certificate, Semen Collection and Analysis in IVF

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